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Lee is forced to kill his reanimated brother in order to retrieve the keys.

Upon entering the pharmacy, the alarm sounds, forcing the group to leave the drugstore after giving Larry his medicine.

Carley tells Lee that she knows Lee's past, but keeps his secret.

Lee and an IT technician, Doug head out to find the keys of the pharmacy.

The group heads to Macon, Georgia where they meet a group of survivors, led by a woman named Lilly, who saves them from a herd of walkers.

Lilly's group is situated in a drugstore which Lee's parents owned.

Lee excuses himself to look for Mark, and finds him near death, his legs cut off. Johns practice cannibalism, but the family overpowers and separates them.

In the butcher's freezer, Larry suffers a heart attack, but before Lilly can administer CPR, the others smash his head, realizing it is too late for Larry and fear being trapped with a Walker.

Lee is rescued by Kenny, and the group heads to the motel for shelter.

Ben's two companions die in the chaos of saving one from a bear trap, and the other dies and reanimates despite not being bitten. John from a nearby dairy farm offer food and shelter in exchange for gasoline for their generators that power their electric fence. While there, Mark is hit by a crossbow arrow from a group of bandits attacking the farm, and Brenda, the brothers' mother, takes him into the house for medical treatment.

Ben reveals that being bitten is not the only way one can become a walker; simply the act of dying can cause one to turn. Lee goes with Danny to find the bandit camp but instead come across a crazed woman named Jolene, who appears to know something about the farm but is killed before she reveals it.

But before he can determine the culprit, the bandits attack, followed by a horde of walkers.

The group flee in the RV, forced to leave most of their supplies behind.

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