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It’s yet to be seen how the police will use this change in the law, but we reckon the best policy if you want to get off is remain silent.

The best place to work out a good defense is afterwards, with your solicitor or witnesses, not under pressure in the hands of the cops.

It’s worth finding the number of a good solicitor in your area and memorising it. Also, avoid telling your solicitor exactly what happened; this can be sorted out later.

The chances are that if you have been arrested for public order offenses or drunk and disorderly or other escapades leaving a nightclub you won’t get interviewed.You should also refuse to sign for something which isn’t yours, or which could be incriminating.You will then be placed in a cell until the police are ready to deal with you.You should be able to ring a solicitor as soon as you’ve been arrested.Once at the police station it is one of the first things you should do, for two reasons: It is advisable to avoid using the duty solicitor as they are often either crap or hand in glove with the cops.

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So if you have been nicked and the police do want to conduct an interview with you there is a good chance that they don’t have enough evidence at this point to charge you and they are hoping you will either confess all during the taped interview or slip up and incriminate yourself in some way that can be used against you.

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