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He doesn’t enjoy any special immunity in this case.

This material was selling at the Denver show this year (2001) at 0/g dispite the deflated market and dramatically reduced attendence. This is a SPECTACULAR piece at an increadably low price of 5/g! This meteorite is almost undoubtedly the most researched meteorite to date.

Few specimens have been recovered in recent years due to the extensive initial field collecting and subsequent thorough combing of the area by local inhabitants for sale to collectors. Among the other many interesting aspects of Allende, unmanned probes have indicated that the only formation in the solar system which has the same refractive qualities and weight/mass ratio as Allende is Phobos, one of the moons of Mars!

Recent years have produced almost exclusively broken, field weathered and/or dirt stained stones, and, on at least one occasion, a prospective buyer was beaten by banditos. So, while most collectors cannot afford an SNC ("Mars rock") and few in the world have a piece of the earth's moon, you can easily afford an excellent specimen of likely Mars' lunar material!

1st class is available for small purchases for Priority mail is .95(EH4) Fell June 10, 1952, Alberta, Canada - this is one of the most exceptional meteorites available.(see Meteorite! W.: 482g A single 82 gram stone with fresh fusion crust was found in March of 200 in Morocco. This strewn field was extensively searched in the first weeks after the fall with research laboratories laying claim to the lion's share of the material.

magazine, Nov., 1996 - cover story) Scientists believe the E chondrites come from within the orbit of Mercury (as certain constituents could only have formed in heat that close to the sun) Many feel Mercury, itself is the actual body of origin for the Es. "Rubin and Scott argue effectively for two distinct impact events with an intervening period of brecciation through meteoroid bombardment to explain the diamonds and partially melted clasts...." (Kempton, 1996) Besides for all that, it is a VERY zappy meteorite visually. That is what I will offer it for here 700- .695g(EUC unbr) Found Morocco, 2000 30° 33' N., 4° 54' W. Later, a second, 400g stone was recovered which was originally thought to be a new Chassignite. Still, for the first ten years after the fall, material was readily available to the private collector.

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