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There are said to be over 300 distinct languages and over 1,000 different dialects in this land.

In most tourist and business areas, some level of English is normally spoken; often not enough to carry on a satisfying conversation, but enough to communicate bare necessities.

Learning such a language is a rewarding and fascinating experience that will open countless doors to understanding this diverse land and its culture.

In turn, Garhwali has a number of dialects which are variations of the main languages- The influence of these languages and dialects have been found on the Garhwali language because the people speaking them have moved across the borders of various regions and settled in Garhwal.Even in the grammar these are not much difference in way of speaking.That is why scholars have accepted many style from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand, Bihar And Rajasthan.These are basically different between the pronunciation but all these language are the just different stem of a plant.There are many way of pronouncing of a particular word for example in standard Hindi Ghora, in Awadhi Ghor and in Bhojpuri Bhorgwa.

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Don’t be discouraged, it really isn’t that bad…after all, it is only a matter of practice and work.

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