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What’s here and right now is my daughter’s entrance into puberty at 10 years old and the countless girls in her age group who are already B-cup deep in the process.What’s here and right now is the question of how much they know about dating, relationships and sex and how well-equipped they are by the adults in their life to navigate these realms.In fact, it’s the memories of my generation during our preteen and teen years, my experience as a teen mother and my work with youth and young adults that motivated me to have open talks with my daughter early on. And kids in her grade are dating, and yes, some are engaging in sex now.I’d heard some of the things that the kids were discussing in school, and there was no way I was going to allow her understanding of her body, its functions and her mind to be shaped by the exchange of knowledge between kids her age. According to the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5.6 percent of students nationwide at the time had sexual intercourse for the first time before age 13.When I was in elementary school some kids did start date-dating in middle school, many ended up pregnant by seventh to ninth grade dating advice.Make her a bookmark that asks her out and sneak it into the book she is reading. I went to a large public high school in Southern California.

You only live childhood once, learn knew things and don't go over dramatizing things.We all know there’s no handbook on parenting or caregiving.We all know kids sometimes do things that they have no business doing; as a former teen mom, I can strongly attest to this.Dating is putting emotional work into a relationship to see if one day you want to be with that person forever.I kind of think the parents let this one go a little too early.

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