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One friend recently relayed her own online-dating saga to me: I was messaging with a guy recently and he was kind of aggressive—messaging frequently and whatnot.Eventually we exchanged numbers and he started texting incessantly.

“Before I could send it, I got a followup message from Mr. One of the guys becomes super aggressive saying he is competitive and he will treat me right, the other is asking for my phone number telling me he is lying in bed and the conversation (without me steering it) is turning increasingly sexual in nature though I tell him I'm not comfortable with it.” “As more and more messages came (either replies or new ones I had about 10 different guys message me within two hours) the nature of them continued to get more and more irritating.He texted again yesterday to see if he "had permission" to continue texting me.Men, too, have grumbled online about the fact that all their hours spent browsing photos, writing love notes, and hitting send aren’t “paying off.” Maybe some think they have to send outlandish messages in order to get noticed at all.“Who wants to expend all of that emotional energy only to get kicked in the metaphorical nuts by that empty inbox every time you log in?The name is a play on “Bye Felicia,” a meme used to signify that someone has left a party, and they won’t be missed.Since creating it Monday of last week, Tweten has received more than two dozen submissions.

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If you weren’t interested, you shouldn’t have fucking replied at all! I hate that men think they can talk to women like that.

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