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There appear to be no cases holding the URLs to be subject to copyright.On principle, they should not be." Websites built on technologies such as Adobe Flash and AJAX often do not support deep linking.However, this is not a fundamental limitation of these technologies.Well-known techniques, and libraries such as SWFAddress Probably the earliest legal case arising out of deep-linking was the 1996 Scottish case of The Shetland Times vs.The Court stated that search engines are desirable for the functioning of the Internet, and that, when publishing information on the Internet, one must assume—and accept—that search engines deep-link to individual pages of one's website. People who favor deep linking often feel that content owners who don't provide a file are implying by default that they do not object to deep linking either by search engines or others.

) are wrapper elements that consolidate multiple, related links.

Providing these HTML instructions is not equivalent to showing a copy.

First, the HTML instructions are lines of text, not a photographic image.

This case was settled when Microsoft and Ticketmaster arranged a licensing agreement.

Ticketmaster later filed a similar case against, and the judge in this case ruled that such linking was legal as long as it was clear to whom the linked pages belonged.

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In the Content area, materials located in spaces outside of the course shell can be accessed by creating a hyperlink.

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