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She has successfully hosted other sports shows like Sports Nation and ESPN First Take. Currently, she is working as one of the hosts of Fox Sports Live.

She also works with entertainment news magazine show Extra.

The same year, she covered the news for NHL All-Star Game.

In 2011, she signed ESPN Networks to work as the co-host of the show called Numbers Never Lie.

Charissa started her career in the broadcasting field in 2006.

In the early days of her career, she appeared on the several baseball programs at FSN’s The Baseball Report and The 2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade. She provided news for college sports like football and basketball.

But I like when a host or reporter acknowledges the audience. I should probably not be so goofy at times but I am afforded the luxury of talking about sports and entertainment. If I can’t have fun with that then I need to do something else. P.: I’m going to throw a random one at you, for kicks: I have no religious faith whatsoever, and I’ll tell you why: I’m living a great life. So I’ve been told I’m supposed to be thankful for that and thank God for all the good he’s giving me.

I don’t even think about the camera and when I do acknowledge the camera it’s to try connecting with the audience (That sounds like such a corporate answer).

Charissa Jean Thompson is a sportscaster and television host.

I worked there a year, and during that time I would go up the highlights department at night and log tapes to learn the production side of the business. I took a likeness to the quote because in any field of work or a relationship … I know some gorgeous men and women and their looks might get them into some doors, but if they don’t have talent to back it up, well, how long with they last? I have been in this business 10 years now and I would hope that I am not in this business still because I fit a mold. P.: You’ve recently started working on Extra as a co-host alongside Mario. Y’all media types can beat up on a show that’s been off the air for eight years but I won’t! I vowed to never do to young up-and-coming girls what she did to me. But I will say I will do what I can to encourage any young woman in this business and I may not be able to get you a job but I can give you some of my time and what little advice you’re willing to hear from my own experiences. And now adding entertainment or anything that comes my way … • Six best sportscasters of your lifetime: Keith Jackson, Al Michaels, John Madden, Vin Scully, Harry Carey, Dick Vitale (Honorable mention because I love him and he is the reason I would watch sports with my dad—Chris Berman. • One question you would ask Sheena Easton were she here right now? • On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is that there’s life on other planets?

This just in—in case you read the wrong Wikipedia page and you thought you were interviewing the other Charissa Thompson who is a porn star. I work for Fox, they told me to fly to Seattle, do a feature on being a 12th (man/woman) so I adhered to the request … Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s the last place I should be working. Those people are my family and any pundits of the show are just that. She was so mean to me when I got hired for an on-air position. I am work in progress and Erin makes fun of me now for being l’il miss positive lately but I have decided I am going to approach life from a glass-half-full perspective. And, heck, I am no poster child for how to navigate through this business. T.: Becoming a sports broadcaster was my dream, I’m beyond grateful it’s now my reality. It’s the last game, and outside of the stadium I was frozen and instead of saying “Play clock” I said something else. : No • Five all-time favorite movies: Too many, but I am always quoting Meet the Parents, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, National Lapoon’s Christmas Vacation (basically any John Hughes movie).

Without coming across as oblivious, I don’t think about it.

I was obsessed with my dad, and my dad would refuse to go to church with us on Sundays because football was on.

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