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According to the ACLU, the average expense of medical care and maintenance for inmates over 50 is ,270 per year – twice that of an average prisoner, and the people who manage North America’s prison system are increasingly worried about how to handle the geriatric population. They weren’t allowed to have friends over; they weren’t allowed to talk during the meal times; they weren’t allowed to go out; they weren’t allowed to have a childhood. He’d time me coming home and if I was late he’d be on the driveway when I got home, he’d jerk me out of the car and start beating on me. It was like those old movies, “you don’t help us out, we got something for you.” Unfortunately, I ended up getting 36 years. Everything else belongs to the State of Alabama.” * * * “I started stealing when I was fifteen. Saynt’s personal journey began a long way from the hipster Brooklyn scene of sex-and-drugs-based brand marketing. It was very difficult for my parents.” He and his parents lived for a time at his grandmother’s apartment along with an uncle and two of his cousins – whom he refers to as his brothers – after their father was imprisoned.

Statistically, the risk of recidivism decreases significantly with age, with very few elderly parolees ever returning to prison for committing crimes again, yet the number of older people in prisons continues to boom. I had threatened him in public shortly before because we were at a party and he was insulting me and saying bad things and I said, ”If you keep insulting me, I’ll kill you.” People around, you know how people do, they take the information and they put it in a way they want. He was just a very jealous man.” * * * “I got caught up in a situation in 1998. The cops were after a certain group of guys that would come through. Born Daniel Santiago to Puerto Rican parents, he grew up surrounded by prostitution and gang violence in the Bronx of the 1980s and ’90s. (That uncle of Saynt’s eventually succumbed to heroin addiction and died.) “I had to sleep in my grandmother’s room,” Saynt says.

There have been instances of women coming back from canteen, having their things stolen. What I would propose is taking the elderly in prison, put them on ankle bracelets. I have heart problems, lung problems, thyroid and I’m a diabetic.” * * * “I am a transgender person. But you make a mistake, it’s just like slipping and falling. They don’t believe in giving you no second chances. Upstairs, there’s a breakfast bar with glittering digital turntables, while about ten half-naked men and women partake in varying degrees of petting on mattresses laid out on the floor.

It’s horrifying to see how women are treated in prison. There certainly are some very decent guards who go out of their way. She’s doubled over across a bench that looks like something you’d do curls on at a gym.

Maybe someday, I will.” * * * “Being in prison is horrifying, really. A woman with red hair and tasteful tattoos is being tied up.

“It’s nice to kind of finish this year off.” It’s been a busy one.

The satirical part is that I get ostracized by society and then by my family and I guess, in retrospect, I should have probably sought the post-gender surgery counseling to deal with these issues.” * * * “State of Louisiana? “I’m so tired,” Saynt, 34, says laughing, a few days after the party, his last big bash of 2017.

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When I went through the change, I basically hid out for a few years. I wish they would [let us out] because we aren’t the same people as we were when we first came here, No matter who we are, whether you’re incarcerated or on the street, tou’re not the same person you were as a juvenile, a teenager. Big and bearded, Saynt’s been mellow all night, opting to take in the reverie around him instead of dancing through the crowded apartment like some of his guests.

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